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Our partner of the month for May, BDO, is a great ally for both foreign investors and Spanish companies seeking internationalization. Like Invest in Valencia, the key to their global success lies in collaboration. This spirit of cooperation is why we’re dedicating this space in our blog to them. 

BDO Valencia is led by Javier Gómez-Ferrer, partner and head of the Valencia office. He is joined by Lucía Segarra and Víctor Gisbert, forming a multidisciplinary, young, and dynamic team. Their strength? Adaptability, the great challenge of our times! They excel by constantly adapting to different sectors and environments, focusing on clients, their needs, and their growth to constructively face new challenges. And the formula is working—2024 is proving to be a particularly productive year for BDO Valencia. 


We spoke with Javier, Lucía, and Víctor to gain their professional insights on the keys to successfully investing and starting a business in our city. 

 1. Valencia as a magnet for foreign investment

According to Javier Gómez-Ferrer: “without a doubt, Valencia is a very attractive place for foreign investors. It is increasingly becoming a city where different industries, professionals, and talent converge. Its geographic location, climate, and quality of life significantly attract innovative talent.”

2. What investors need to know

“It is important for those who want to establish a stable project here to have the peace of mind that comes with quality legal advice. This allows them to focus on the business while relying on the legal security provided by a team like ours,” continues Javier.

3. Experience and globalization for goreign investors

“Helping foreign companies establish themselves in Valencia—either through the incorporation of subsidiaries or through M&A—is part of our daily work. Equally, we assist Valencian companies seeking internationalization. Knowledge of applicable regulations, previous experience, and a good relationship with BDO’s global network are fundamental to our success. Often, foreign clients need a liaison with local institutions. We understand their needs and strive to provide comprehensive services,” says Lucía Segarra Cobo, director of the legal department in Valencia.

4. The importance of business partners

“It’s about establishing a relationship of trust with the client and providing solutions to ensure the best possible user experience,” continues Lucía.

5. Avoid main obstacles for investors

For Víctor Gisbert, Director of the Tax and Outsourcing area, “any company implementation in Spain involves tax and accounting challenges, employee postings, payroll, etc. At BDO, we coordinate the various areas involved to ensure the process is as efficient as possible. This relieves clients of bureaucratic burdens and advises them on the best tax strategies for optimal resource utilization.”

6. Advantages of Valencia compared to Other Spanish Cities

“Significant steps have been taken to make Valencia competitive from a fiscal standpoint, with key modifications to regional taxes, such as significant reductions in the Inheritance and Donations Tax, and interesting tax reductions by the City Council of Valencia. The more fiscally competitive we are, the easier it will be for Valencia to stand out as a prime location for business implementation,” Gisbert concludes.

7. Dialogue with Institutions

Finally, Javier Gómez-Ferrer stresses the importance of having the right allies. “Our relationship with Invest in Valencia is a significant asset to our services. It’s a great institutional initiative that offers our clients a direct dialogue with Valencian institutions, providing confidence and security for local implementation. We’re delighted to support Invest in Valencia with our legal and tax advice to potential investors in the city. This partnership not only aligns with our work but also contributes to making Valencia more open, dynamic, and innovative.” 


The German company Otto Group Solution Provider (OSP) has inaugurated its new office in Valencia. This significant event was organized by our office, represented by Project Manager Guillermo Sánchez, and chaired by OSP directors Leticia Vila-Coro and Viviana Troccoli. The ceremony was attended by key figures such as Ester Olivas, General Director of Entrepreneurship and Internationalization; Paula Llobet, Councilor of the City of Valencia; José Vicente Morata, President of Cámara Valencia; and Luz Martínez, Director of Cámara Internacional.

During the meeting, the company’s detailed expansion plans were discussed, highlighting OSP’s implementation in Valencia. Since opening their new headquarters, they have already employed 25 people and have new vacancies available.

Ester Olivas congratulated OSP for choosing Valencia, emphasizing the Generalitat’s efforts to position the Valencian Community as a premier destination for business development. She stated, “The Valencian Community is a first-class reference for the development of business projects, capable of hosting all kinds of projects.”

Headquartered in Dresden with seven other offices across Europe and Asia, OSP is more than just a technology company. It drives IT projects and software development for the Otto Group and other companies in omnichannel, e-commerce, mobile, and logistics fields.

Since its founding in 2018, OSP Spain has experienced steady growth, with offices in Madrid and Malaga, and now, a new hub in Valencia. Employing over 150 people, the company specializes in areas such as Software Engineering, Software Development, Business Intelligence, Business Analysis & PO, SAP, Agile Coaching, and UX/UI Design.

OSP Spain’s project in Valencia has received substantial support from Invest in Valencia, the city’s investment attraction office. This success story further consolidates Valencia as an attractive and competitive investment destination.

Valencia: A Commitment to Growth

OSP Spain’s recent expansion to Valencia has proven to be a strategic success, with the company now employing 25 people in the new hub. To sustain and encourage this growth, OSP Spain is implementing several strategies to expand its team in Valencia further. The new hub not only enhances the company’s regional presence but also underscores its commitment to innovation and excellence in IT services.

Leticia Vila-Coro, Managing Director of OSP Spain, commented, “We chose Valencia because of the quality of professionals, especially in the IT sector. Our next steps here are linked to growth and collaboration with OSP and other companies in the group.”

The project has been advised by Inmobiliaria Calatayud.

About Otto Group

The Otto Group, a German multinational, began as a catalog sales company in Hamburg and has evolved into an international conglomerate with 30 major companies, over 50,000 employees, and operations in more than 20 countries. The group operates in sectors such as retail, e-commerce, financing, logistics, and mail order, excelling in B2C e-commerce, particularly in fashion and wellness, with around 100 online stores worldwide. The group’s focus is on responsible e-commerce and innovation.

The first episode of our new podcast features Paula Montesa and Ximo Barrachina from MaibornWolff’s Valencia office, a German tech company that rapidly expanded to 45 employees in three years and one of Invest in Valencia’s Success Stories. 

David Valls, Invest in Valencia’s project manager, brilliantly engages in a very interesting conversation with Paula, who displays the office’s inception and challenges, while Ximo shares insights into the company culture and personal growth. They also outline future plans for growth and discuss Valencia’s potential as a tech hub. Overall, it offers valuable insights for those interested in international team building and Valencia’s appeal to tech companies.

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