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Siemens Mobility

The German multinational Siemens Mobility has chosen Valencia to create a Sustainable Mobility Technology Centre focused on the development of high technology for railway signalling that will generate 150 jobs, with a focus on innovation and digitalisation.



Akkodis, part of the Adecco Group, is a global innovation, technology and engineering company, leader in Smart Industry. With more than 50,000 employees in over 30 countries, it has arrived in Valencia to develop cutting-edge projects and continue contributing to the process of innovation and digital transformation of industries.



The German technology giant Deutsche Telekom has installed its new technology hub in Valencia, which will incorporate more than 400 engineers, both local and international, allowing the company to continue innovating and offering cutting-edge technological solutions.


Deimos Space

Deimos Space, part of the large Elecnor group, chooses Valencia as a city of expansion, to create partnerships with local companies and explore new opportunities in areas such as aerospace technology, transport or digital transformation.



Lufthansa Technik's digital solutions suite, Aviatar, arrived in Valencia with the support of our office. Their aim is for this new location to be the starting point of their international growth and, in their first year, they expect to generate 20 jobs in the city.



Apex Group Ltd is a global financial services provider that manages $3 billion worth of client assets. It has more than 80 offices worldwide and in its first year in Valencia, it plans to generate 100 jobs and up to 200 by the end of 2024.


New Work SE

New Work SE is a German company specialising in the development of software products for human resources areas that seeks to redefine the foundations of the world of work. They arrived in Valencia in 2019 attracted by the quality of the universities, the ability to attract talent and the startup culture of the city. They plan to create a team of 100 people, including engineers and developers, to provide services to the company's global network.



Taligent is an Argentinean technology solutions implementation services company, ready to identify valuable and innovative ways to use data and information. With a wide presence in Latin America, the company chooses Valencia as a gateway to European markets.


Language Wire

Originating in Denmark, it is the world's leading provider of language services. Its role is to develop technology tools to facilitate and streamline translation for businesses to help them connect anywhere in the world. Its Valencia office now has 200 employees, making it the company's largest headquarters.


AlphaRainbow Marketing

AlphaRainbow is a Dutch marketing agency that settled in Valencia attracted by the wonderful climate of the city and its wide business network, which allows them to build solid businesses while improving the welfare of workers.



Commercetools is a 100% headless German e-commerce platform, which seeks to revolutionise the digital commerce industry worldwide. It chose Valencia as the home of its second largest technology hub, which provides services to Spain and Portugal.


Umibots (Bosonit)

Umibots (previously part of Bosonit) is a consulting firm of the Nworld group dedicated to the provision of advanced technology services focused on the transformation and digital evolution of organisations. It specialises in data processing and Artificial Intelligence, and has chosen Valencia, captivated by the possibilities offered by the city.



With 25 years of history, the Center for Digital Technology and Management in Munich is one of the largest international research centres for innovation and entrepreneurship. Valencia will be its first location abroad and the first course already has 16 students from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the University of Valencia.


Principal 33

Principal 33, based in Romania, is a technology company specialising in the development of customised software for its clients, with a strong focus on the financial and energy sectors. The company aims to grow to 100 employees in its first year.


Hyperion Group

Dependent on De Cronos Groep, Hyperion Group is Belgium's largest technology group with more than 7,000 employees. In Valencia, it is intensifying its activity with Hyperion Iberia, which will generate approximately 20 jobs.


CKS Consulting

CKS Consulting is a French boutique consultancy specialising in strategic and operational procurement. After opening several offices in France and one in Brussels, the consultancy firm opted for Valencia, where it plans to hire around 10 employees.



Odoo is a Belgian business software development company with more than 1700 employees and more than 7 million users. It set up in Valencia to grow internationally and make the most of the city's enormous potential.


Arkhaus Arquitectura

Arkhaus Arquitectura is a Colombian proptech startup and community of certified remote architects that seeks to solve the problems that arise when remodelling spaces. After growing in Colombia, it has chosen Valencia as a city to expand its activity and a gateway to European markets.



The telephone operator Vodafone has its most modern and sustainable offices in Europe in Valencia. With a surface area of more than 3,500m2 and a capacity for 400 employees, the building is equipped with the latest technology in terms of sustainability, flexibility and efficiency.


ReadIt by Inverid

ReadID by Inverid, of Dutch origin, is the first and leading provider of NFC technology for mobile identity verification. ReadID has chosen Valencia because of its growing cybersecurity sector and technological talent. They plan to create up to 15 jobs.



Tangent is an English digital product agency with a team of 100 strategists, designers and engineers working from centres around the world. In Valencia they established their new hub, which with a team of 7 people now represents 10% of the company.


Onda FC

 Re-inventing the amateur football club experience and all of its matters by providing daily on-demand football games on multiple locations, events, community activities & community benefits. A club for people who want to be part of something bigger than themselves.



Swiss-based AI & Data company, empowers businesses to forge their data-driven future through cutting-edge artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. Its expert team helps clients to to unleash the complete potential of their data, driving growth, efficiency, and innovation.



A trusted partner for founders and investors seeking to articulate their vision with precision and impact. Spectral helps founders, investors, and executives tell compelling stories and build powerful personal brands via their suite of AI-powered content creation tools, and enterprise services.

Zoho España


Zoho stands out as a leading software company with over 50 applications across various business sectors. Offering a comprehensive suite of productivity and collaboration tools, it boasts a workforce of 15,000+ and a strong global footprint.



The All-in-One Music Factory. Aspirio is a blockchain-based cloud solution for the entertainment industry that facilitates creation, distribution and monetisation of music catalogues.