Behind our first partner of the month are the Cambralla brothers, Victor and Nacho, who have put in years of hard work and innovation. With three locations in Valencia and a plethora of professionals passing through, Wayco has become an undeniable presence in the city. But to say that Wayco is ‘only’ a coworking space is a massive understatement. 

“The best thing about Wayco is the atmosphere we create—a mix of productive work and opportunities for growth and relationships.”

Where does Wayco come from?
Wayco was born in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, from Victor Cambralla’s desire to create a space to support entrepreneurs during a time of high unemployment in Spain. 

You interact with international entrepreneurs and professionals daily. What are the main obstacles they encounter when they arrive in Valencia?
The lack of knowledge about local peculiarities, both administratively and in terms of recruitment and talent attraction. Connecting with the city’s ecosystem and contacts can also be challenging. Entities like Invest in Valencia, coworking spaces like Wayco, or associations like AJEV and Startup Valencia play a crucial role as facilitators for these companies and entrepreneurs. 

How do you promote this integration?
We organize events to strengthen ties between members, such as our CO Breakfast, where new members introduce themselves to veterans, or our Speech&Beer and Wayco Inspira sessions, which focus on introducing relevant and inspiring people and projects. 

How has the coworking concept evolved since you started?
Ten years ago, we mainly had freelancers and SMEs with few employees, but now we cater to companies of any size. We’ve adapted our spaces and services accordingly to accommodate this diverse clientele. 

What measures have you implemented to remain relevant and attractive over the years?
We’ve introduced larger private offices for international companies, expanded our collaborations with key players in Valencia, and continuously enhanced our spaces to make them more creative and comfortable. 

What is the unique feature that differentiates you from other coworking spaces?
In Valencia, we’re the only coworking space with our own cafeteria—the “social lung” of our community—where members can connect and unwind. 

What would you say are the top 3 benefits of being part of Wayco?
The vibrant atmosphere conducive to both work and networking, the size and diversity of our community across three locations, and the wide array of initiatives happening in our spaces. 

What is the most interesting collaboration story that has emerged within the space?
Since launching the Wayco fund for women entrepreneurs four years ago, we’ve discovered many fascinating projects. For example, one of the 2023 winners, We The Root, proposed to continue collaborating, leading to the launch of the Wayco Inspira initiative. 

What’s the strangest or most original request you’ve received?
We’ve been asked to host DJ training sessions, massage courses, and even present a new vehicle within our coworking space. While some requests were too complicated to fulfill, others, like setting up an electronics laboratory, were more feasible. 

Beyond workspace, what additional services do you offer?
In addition to workspace, we provide event spaces with catering services, unique experiences like our “Paella Experience” on the terrace, podcast recording rooms, and coliving arrangements through our brand 4wanders. 

In numbers, how many professionals have passed through the three Wayco spaces?
While it’s challenging to provide an exact number, we estimate that several thousand professionals have passed through our spaces over the years, given our total capacity of around 600 seats across three locations. 

Is there any professional profile with special relevance?
We’re proud of entrepreneurs like José Abedín, who started his journey at Wayco in 2015 and grew his company to a team of over 10 people. Additionally, notable businesses like Datamaran, Growpro, and Triodos Bank have either been or are currently part of the Wayco community. 

What has your partnership with Invest In Valencia brought to Wayco?
Our partnership has provided us with significant visibility among companies considering settling in Valencia, as well as valuable relationships and business opportunities. One highlight is our collaboration with AVIATAR from Lufthansa Technik, for whom we provided a temporary office while they waited for our Wayco Cabanyal location to open. 

You are the first Invest in Valencia Partner of the Month…
It’s an honor to be chosen as Partner of the Month, although it’s not something we pursued. We encourage all partners to provide excellent service and foster relationships with Invest in Valencia, as we share a common goal of generating opportunities for our city and contributing to its economic growth.