Invest in València is working on creating a network of trusted service providers in the city of Valencia. Our main goal is to offer top notch quality services by connecting potential investors with high-quality business services specialists, to help foreign clients to land and grow in València

We want to give our clients and potential investors an excellent soft-landing experience and key element for that is to count on an extensive and curated list of trusted partners.

Additionally, members of the Invest in Valencia Partners Network will have the opportunity to be introduced to international clients, according to the investors’ requirements, needs, and field of expertise.

A member of the Network must:

  • Provide personalized professional advice in different languages (English essential).
  • Have a network of international experience.
  • Have a physical presence in Valencia (office)
  • Work under strict confidentiality.
  • Provide a detailed presentation or information of the partner’s services (English) and success stories of international clients (non-confidential).
  • Offer a response to client inquiries in no longer than two business days.
  • Prioritize customer service and customer satisfaction.
  • Provide the member’s logo.

Click here – To learn the conditions to become a trusted partner.

If you are not a member, meet the requirements, and would like to become part of our list, contact us here.




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