NEW WORK SE, is a technology company with presence in Valencia since 2019, offers a wide range of brands, products and services for a better working life. The success story of NEW WORK SE goes back almost 18 years. The professional network was founded as openBC and has since evolved into NEW WORK SE by democratizing professional networking in German-speaking countries.

València was selected for its ability to produce internal talent while attracting international talent. In addition, it was taken into account that there are several strong universities in engineering education that facilitate the dynamic future development of companies.

The third important factor in the selection of Valencia as a city to grow was culture. With the Mediterranean and entrepreneurial network characteristics, you get a dynamic and creative mindset with a fresh startup approach that we need at NEW WORK.

One of the factors we are proud to have opened an office in Valencia is to give the opportunity for many talents to return to the city with a quality job.

Both for our colleagues and for the other people who work at NEW WORK, Valencia is a city with a very high quality of life, and from our company we are committed to flexibility, conciliation and confidence in the day to day.