València’s Roig Arena: the city’s future great project

Roig Arena promises to be one of the biggest cultural and social attractions in the city of València. It is a 47,000 square metre multi-purpose venue that will host the main sporting, entertainment and corporate events, among others, in the city of València.

Read on to find out all the details of this incredible venue.

Roig Arena, who is behind it?

The Roig Arena de València project is promoted by LICAMPA 1617 S.L.,

the company created by the well-known Valencian businessman Juan Roig with the purpose of providing the necessary resources to build the complex in València.

Through this project, Juan Roig intends to give back to Valencian society a large part of what it has given him through a project with a budget of more than 280 million euros.

The venue will be operated by València 5 Estrellas, a company constituted ad-hoc for the management of the venue and whose main mission is to provide it with content and exploit it to generate great experiences, in a sustainable way.

When will the works on the Roig Arena be finished?

The Roig Arena is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

The project is currently in phase 3 of construction, which is aimed at carrying out the final works to complete the venue. These final steps include the finishing of the interiors and the final operating licence.

What will be at the Roig Arena

The venue is prepared to host a wide range of events and activities. It is also the venue for Valencia Basket matches.

It has a capacity of 15,600 people in the case of basketball matches. Cultural activities such as concerts will have an even greater capacity, since if the central stage is used, the capacity rises to 18,500 spectators.

To this must be added the capacity of 2,000 people in the multifunctional hall.

Complementary infrastructures

In addition to the aforementioned areas, the Roig Arena has a car park with more than 1,200 parking spaces, a public park with green areas, restaurant areas, and a wide range of venues, terraces and hospitality areas, among others.

In addition to all this, there are the already inaugurated facilities of the public school ‘Les Arts’ in València.

What potential does the Roig Arena have for investors?

The construction of the Roig Arena can bring great benefits to companies and investors who are thinking of setting up in València. Some of them are:

Increased tourist inflow

In addition to holding events, the design will make it an essential visit for the city. The large number of events that will take place in the city of Valencia thanks to the Roig Arena will cause many tourists to visit the city to attend these events. This, in turn, translates into profits for the city and the businesses established in it.

Boosting the Valencian economy

According to the report of the Valencian Institute of Economic Research, the economic impact for the city of Valencia is more than 10 million euros per year.

This enormous construction will require a large number of staff to function properly. In this way, the city’s economy will be boosted and its growth will be favoured.

Greater visibility for the city

The large number of important events that will take place in the Roig Arena will make València a much better known city abroad, which will enhance the brand image of our city.

Events and activities

The Roig Arena provides a great opportunity for companies setting up in València to organise events and participate in interesting activities for their business.

The diversity of the venue’s spaces, together with the large number of activities that will be held there, offers professionals great opportunities: it makes it easier to attend interesting congresses, to hold large corporate events, to take part in networking activities…

Invest in València believes that the Roig Arena will be a great boost for the city and its economy. Likewise, we recommend companies that are thinking of setting up in the city to do so before the Roig Arena opens its doors, as at this time there will be a strong influx of investment, which will make it difficult to find the necessary space for this operation.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information about investment possibilities in València.