Invest in València attracts 10 companies in its first year, representing an investment of 5.2M € and the creation of 520 jobs in the city

10/11/2022 – València City Council, together with Cámara Valencia, promoted a year ago Invest in València, a new office designed to promote the city as a pole of investment and talent and that in its first year of activity has achieved that 10 multinational firms are implanted in València, generating an investment of more than 5.2 million euros in the short term and the creation of 520 jobs.

These are the data that Invest in Valencia announced yesterday at the celebration of its first anniversary, an event whose main objective was to share the results achieved by the office throughout this first year of activity, to present the strategic lines of the office for 2023 and to thank partners, collaborators, institutions and the entire network of contacts of Invest in Valencia for the support received.

The strategic sectors on which the office will continue to work during 2023 are logistics, health and wellness, cybersecurity and 5G, design and sport. In addition, the office will work on the strategic lines that include increasing the international and national visibility of Invest in València in order to attract new clients, increase the international client base of the office, enhance the image of Valencia as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as enhance investor retention and encourage reinvestment of established investors.

“Invest in València is a clear example of the scope of public-private collaboration. We have shown that we can carry out a very efficient management if the administrations work hand in hand with the private sector, with this new service we have achieved a greater economic projection of the city and we have placed ourselves on the international investment map”, explained the deputy mayor of Valencia, Sandra Gómez.

The president of the Valencia Chamber of Commerce, José Vicente Morata, indicated that “the office is an exemplary project of public-private collaboration conceived with the aim of promoting the city as a hub for investment and talent, to attract, facilitate and accelerate national and foreign investment in Valencia. Public-private collaboration was key to streamlining procedures with the public administration, facilitating the information needed by investors upon their arrival in the city and connecting foreign investors with the right professionals at each stage of implementation and investment. The City Council saw it clearly from the beginning and the alliance has been a success”.

For her part, the director of Invest in Valencia, María Escartí, explained that “from Invest in Valencia we value very positively the results obtained during the first year, results that have been possible thanks to close public-private collaboration and the involvement of all key players in the business ecosystem of the city of Valencia. It is an achievement of and for the city of València.”

“With all this we see that the activity carried out by the office causes an impact not only economically, but also technologically and socially in the city of València,” added Escartí.

This investment office’s main mission is to attract, facilitate and accelerate investment, both foreign and from the rest of Spain, in Valencia, with the aim of supporting the processes of business implementation in the city of Valencia, generating wealth and quality employment in the city, which will revert in the development of the local economic fabric.

In addition, in its eleven months of activity Invest in València, has held more than 450 meetings with potential partners and investors, has contacted more than 100 potential investors and 60 investors in portfolio.

“In this almost first year of activity we have been able to see how the work of the Invest in València team has been more than notorious, and proof of this are the data that we have known on this anniversary. Therefore, as already announced by Deputy Mayor Sandra Gómez, in 2023 we will redouble our commitment to this instrument that has proven to be key to the economic promotion of the city and we have more than doubled the initial amount of the service, from 150,000 to 370,000 euros,” said the Deputy Mayor for Innovative Development of Economic Sectors and Employment, Borja Sanjuan.

“We are consolidating València as a city at the forefront of the knowledge economy and innovation, we want it to be a pole of attraction of talent and investment and this investment office is a key instrument to achieve this, thanks to its good work companies like HP, Siemens Mobility or Lufthansa have chosen València to continue growing, “concluded Sanjuan.

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