Espai Aero, the first aerospace association of the Valencian Community

31/05/2022 – VALÈNCIA (EFE). Seven aerospace companies of the Valencian Community (four of which are based in Valencia) have decided to associate under the name “Espai Aero”. Their objective is to reinforce their coordination, strengthen their capabilities and boost their national and international visibility in a context of continuous expansion of the sector.

The association, which is located in the city of Valencia, has been founded by Arkadia Space, COMET Ingeniería, DAS Photonics, fentISS, NAX Solutions, Orbital EOS and PLD Space. This union reflects a collaboration between established and experienced companies, and others less experienced, but with great potential thanks to their innovative ideas and methods.

The president of the association, Pepe Nieto (director of COMET Ingeniería), comments that what has led to the creation of the association is the “unparalleled growth” of SMEs in the aerospace sector. While the vice-president of Espai Aero, Raúl Verdú (Development Director of PLD Space), points out the benefits of industrial and technological development, mainly in terms of the generation of high added value employment and of knowledge.

Espai Aero has already had a first contact with the Generalitat and the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), in a meeting with the regional secretary of Industry, Empar Martinez and the general director of the Castellon airport, Blanca Marin, among other representatives of the regional administration.