Vodafone chooses to create its most modern offices in the city of Valencia

15/03/2022 – VALÈNCIA (ValenciaPlaza). The phone operator company, Vodafone has opened its most modernized office headquarters in Europe, in the city of Valencia, with a surface area of more than 3,500 m2 and a capacity for 400 employees, located at Avenida Cortes Valencianas number 15.

In this way, the company regroups their employees who were distributed in different offices in the territory, thus providing workers with spaces with innovative design and adapted to the different needs of the working environment, such as a top floor dedicated to relaxation and informal meeting areas.

As far as the building is concerned, it has the latest technology in terms of sustainability, flexibility and efficiency, such as savings of more than 40% in electricity consumption or organic and chemical-free construction materials.

Vodafone Spain CEO, Colman Deegan, who attended the inauguration of the new headquarters, commented: “We are delighted to inaugurate our new headquarters in Valencia. We are confident that these offices will be a benchmark for sustainability, flexibility and technology in workspaces not only at Vodafone, but throughout Spain.”

Vodafone is a company with great impact on the Valencian Community and the city of Valencia, both economically, socially and technologically. This fact reinforces its commitment to the Valencian territory, and we have been able to verify this during our visit to the facilities, where we were attended by the territorial director of the Valencian Community, Antonio Álvarez.

Source: https://valenciaplaza.com/vodafone-abre-en-valencia-su-oficina-mas-avanzada-e-innovadora-para-400-trabajadores