Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom opens a new technology hub in València with the support of Invest in València


The German company announces the opening of a new technology center in València. This technology hub will incorporate more than 400 local and international engineers in new technologies, which will allow the company to continue innovating and offering state-of-the-art technological solutions.

Deutsche Telekom’s arrival in València is excellent news for the city, as it will contribute to job creation and technological development through synergies with universities, technology centers, public administration and local talent. T-Systems, the business services division of Deutsche Telekom, plans to hire 500 professionals this year in Spain, and 10% of them will be located in the València office.

The company’s presence in València will also have a positive impact on the local economy, as it will attract new investment and reinforce the city’s image as an attractive destination for technology companies. In addition, T-Systems’ arrival in València will boost collaboration with Spanish universities, enabling young local talent to develop their skills and contribute to the development of innovative projects.

Osmar Polo, general manager of T-Systems Iberia, stressed that the company is generating synergies with Spanish universities and promoting innovation to offer solutions to new social and business challenges through technology. This is essential in an increasingly connected and digital world, in which innovation and talent are key to business success.

For his part, Peter Leukert, CIO of Deutsche Telekom and CEO of Telekom IT, said that València as the digital, scientific and cultural center of Spain fits perfectly with the group’s new technology hub. He further adds that thanks to its diverse talent pool and diverse international community, the city is a promising location and that they look forward to productive cooperation with local experts and young professionals.

The Deutsche Telekom company has been supported by Invest in València, an office of attractions initiative of the València City Council and Cámara Valencia, as well as by IVACE, Generalitat Valenciana. Invest in València aims to attract companies and innovative projects to the city, promote job creation and foster economic growth. This collaboration is an example of how cooperation between the public and private sector can be beneficial for all and how attracting foreign investment can contribute to economic growth.

In short, the opening of a new technology center in València by Deutsche Telekom is excellent news for the city and for the Spanish market in general. T-Systems’ presence in València will boost innovation and technological development, foster collaboration with local universities and contribute to job creation and economic growth in the region.

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